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HIDROMER is established at the beginning of 1996, and the first field of activity has been the design the industrial wastewater treatment plants required by the industrial establisments with additional the consultancy studies relevant to such plants already supplied by other companies and required to be done some revisions or modifications for the improvement of the sames.

Upon expanding of our scope of supply, the contracting works for domestic wastewater treatment plants of various sizes are included , in parallel with our environmental consciousness progress the scope of Hidromer’s activities has been developped through the integration of construction works of any kind of turnkey wastewater treatment plants shifted with the environmental consultancy services.

With reference to the services supplied to different sectors in the course of time, HIDROMER has turned out to be the leading and reputable treatment company in particular the “Chicken Slaughterhouses” sector. A number of wastewater treatment plants for different industries and up to thousands cubic metres per day capacities of are established by Hidromer and they are all in steady state operation conditions with full customer satisfaction.

In addition to the wastewater treatment plant applications for many industries such as textile, chemistry, paper, food and metal sectors, as well as the domestic treatment plants with district-size up ; Hidromer also carries out the construction and importation of equipment related to such plants together with the design and construction of packed treatment plants .

As a first step to the foreign market, the contracting works devoted to the wastewater treatment plant for turnkey chicken slaughterhouse in the Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic is under realisation.
About Us;
The current conditions prevailing in the world require the optimal utilization, recycling and conservation of water sources, that has a vital importance between the natural necessities for livings and the industry as well . Since its foundation in 1996, Hidromer is committed to preserve and develop its approach identified with the consciousness of this vision .

As a part of the activities in the industrial and domestic wastewater treatment and water treatment process, Hidromer conducts every kind of comprehensive activities ranging from the establishment of treatment plants, required environmental consultancy services to the industrial companies, engineering design and manufacture of treatment plant equipment and further the supply of machinery and equipment and maintenance whenever is necessary, laboratory and analysis services related to water and wastewater , marketing of the chemicals pertaining to the treatment plants through a service network established from the first supplier or producers to the end customer on most favourable terms as price and at quality conditions supplied by the domestic and foreign companies.
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